Creating Improvisational Dance Movements in Immersive Spaces

#Virtual reality #Interaction paradigm

Immersive technology translates the dancer’s body language into different visual feedback, creating virtualized body forms. In this paper, we present an immersive improvisational dance experience system that includes four types of real-time visual feedback, specifically Body Joint Space, Body Floor Space, Penetrating Space, and Trails Space. We conducted a case study in an improvisational dance class offered at Beihang University. Thirteen students completed an improvisational dance experience in each of the four visual feedback, and we invited the teacher of the course to provide professional evaluations. The results suggest that most dancers have a good experience with the four visual feedback, Trails Space performed better in certain conditions due to the highlighted movement qualities. We also found that those with lower dance ability performed better in Body Floor Space compared to those with higher ability in terms of movement expression. In response, we propose a series of design recommendations.

A: Body Joint Space; B: From Improvisation Technologies – Parallel Shear; C: Body Floor Space; D: From Improvisation Technologies – extrusion; E: Penetrating Space; F: From Choreomorphy; G: Trails Space; H: From Choreomorphy. 



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